Volmasker met verstelbare kopband en rubberkussing vir CPAP en outomatiese CPAP (APAP)-masjiene. Bedek neus en mond, geen stut teen die voorkop of tussen oë nie, steur nie sigvermoë nie. Benodig vir nuwe CPAP- en APAP-gebruikers.


NB Grootte hang af van gesiglengte en aftsand tussen oë tot onderkant die lippe.

(S) Klein = 8 ~ 9 cm

(M) Middelmatig = 9 ~ 10 cm
(L) Groot = 10 ~ 11.5 cm

BMC volmasker model FM1A

R1 700,00Price
  • Remarkable comfort:

    Dual-wall cushion will fit your face with minimal pressure points. The slide-in design provides you with high-level seal and effective treatment.


    Thanks to its five-part compact design, you can reassemble it instantly. Fewer parts, more convenience.

    Visual freedom:

    With the unique design, your vision is totally released and you will have the chance to enjoy the world as well as therapy.