Volmasker met verstelbare kopband en rubberkussing vir CPAP en outomatiese CPAP (APAP)-masjiene.


NB Grootte hang af van gesiglengte en afstand tussen oë tot onderkant die lippe.

(S) Klein = 8 ~ 9 cm

(M) Middelmatig = 9 ~ 10 cm

(L) Groot = 10 ~ 11.5 cm


BMC iVolve volmasker model FM (klein)

R1 700,00Price
  • Humanised compliance:

    Adaptive dual-wall cushion design accommodates during sleep and provides an effective solution for patients.

    Individual adjustment:

    Adjustable forehead pad perfectly suits individual facial structures and delivers ultra comfort.

    Practical effectivity:

    The bilateral vent is designed to disperse air gentl while effectively reducing dead space.